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About the client

The School of Economics is the largest School in Aristotle University. Its graduates have gone on to work in the Public, Private, and Higher Education sectors, and some of them also got involved in politics.

The School of Economics and Political Science (as it was originally named) was established in 1928 and was part of the Faculty of Law and Economics. Following the establishment of the School of Political Science, the Faculty was renamed Faculty of Law, Economics, and Political Science.

The faculty of Economics and Political Science was established in 2013 and consisted of the School of Economics, the School of Journalism and Mass Media, and the School of Political Science.

The main goal of the project was the design of a website the would reflect the transition of the school to a new era of extroversion and professionalism.

The key requirements were the flawless function of the website in any device, a structured presentation of the website's information and especially above all to make time sensitive information easily available on the home page of the website.

About the project

The homepage landing screen
The homepage landing screen
Homepage - The School of Economics in numbers
Homepage - The School of Economics in numbers

A website that allows for students to easily navigate through their course schedule and studies programmes, find forms and useful documents and enhances the student's overall online experience during their time at Aristotle University.

Homepage - Beautiful city of Thessaloniki
Homepage - Beautiful city of Thessaloniki

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