Noetik is a group of talented engineers, developers and designers with its core team working together for over a decade, creating websites and custom software solutions with a strong focus on usability & aesthetics.

Web Design & Development

We create custom designed and developed websites that stand-out from the competition and meet their purpose. At Noetik, the design, the UX, the behavior, the interfaces and the editing experience of your website will be adjusted to fulfill your requirements.


E-commerce Solutions

Noetik provides the right tools and the business experience for the realization of any e-commerce business model. We have developed our own custom e-commerce platform and we are able to support any project from typical retail e-shops to multi-vendor marketplaces or advanced e-tourism solutions.


Custom Software

We design and develop custom software solutions using web, mobile, and desktop technologies. Our clients include enterprises, SMEs and startups that want to turn a new idea into reality or seek solutions for digital transformation, process automation, dispersed systems integration, data consolidation, and reporting.


Graphic Design

The Noetik team is always keeping with the latest design & branding trends with a design approach that focuses on the client's needs and target audience. Our design services cover every aspect of the visual communication spectrum from logo design, branding, and packaging to brochures, print advertising, signage, and display graphics.


Managed web hosting

We provide a premium managed web hosting service for our customers, exclusively. Our Europe based network of web servers ensures that your website will operate in a secure and scalable way even during high-traffic hours.


Want to discuss your project?

We‘re eager to discuss any aspect of your project, clarify your goals and needs, and work together to create something great!

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