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We help our clients establish brand awareness and engage effectively with millions of people through tailor made websites.

Why choose Noetik

  • Creative design by in-house designers
  • Development of specialized functionality by experienced programmers and engineers
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Delivery within schedule and budget
  • Direct access to designers and developers
  • SEO friendly
  • Advanced web analytics

The Design Process

At Noetik we believe that the careful design process of a website is what matters most. It's not just the aesthetics and the fact that everybody is attracted by a beautiful design.

The design process itself is of invaluable importance. During the design process, we have the opportunity to consider all the parameters of a project. Working together with the client:

  • We clarify the goals and the intended use of the website
  • We examine the behavior of the intended audience
  • We analyze how each user will interact with the website
  • We take into consideration performance and SEO related aspects 
  • We study the competition 
  • We design the layout of the website
  • We make sure that the editing experience for the administrators will be easy and error-free.

Noetik's structured process guarantees the completion of your project according to specifications, within schedule and budget.

How it works

The design & development process of a website consists of the following steps:

1. Requirement analysis

At the preliminary phase of a project, we work closely with you in order to comprehend the goals and the requirements of your website, your targeted audience as well as your personal aesthetic preferences.

2. Layouts design

At this step our graphic designers produce design proposals. Each design proposal consists of designs for all the main sections of your website (e.g: Home page, Contact page, Products listing page, etc.), which you will be able to preview through interactive Adobe XD preview links.

Should you be happy with our proposal, we make any final adjustments and we go on to the next step. Otherwise we discard this proposal and we come back to you with a brand new set of designs.

3. HTML authoring (XD to HTML)

At this stage, the approved designs of the previous step are turned into actual website pages that can be browsed using any browser. During the HTML authoring phase we emphasize on producing exactly the same visual result in all different browsers and devices which of course must be exactly the same with the XD templates.


4. CMS Integration

CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS is a web content publishing and management system that allows you to create new pages, upload photos and manage almost all aspects of your website. The majority of all modern content-rich websites are powered by a CMS.

Apart from the typical content management functionalities and according to your specific needs, at this step we build functionalities like contact forms, members-only areas, search forms, publishing workflows, multi-lingual support and interfaces with third-party systems.


5. CMS training & Content population

Already from Step 4 your website is technically completed. After deploying the website to a staging URL, we upload indicative content that you provide us (texts, videos, photos, etc) and we train you and your staff on how to use the CMS back-end to update the website anytime you want without any extra costs. These training courses typically take 2 to 6 hours depending on the features of your website.


6. Installation of web analytics and feeds for third-parties

Just before going live we activate the web analytics and the feeds for third-party websites.

Typical web analytics include:

  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Ads Remarketing Events
  • Google Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Events
  • Skroutz Analytics

Typical feeds for third-party websites include:

  • Google product feeds
  • Facebook product feeds
  • Skroutz product feeds
  • Podcasts RSS feeds
  • product feeds


7. We go Live!

Finally, after a final operational check your site goes live under your official domain.



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Frequently asked questions

1. Can my website be available in many languages?

Yes, it can. Your website can be available on any number of languages you wish.

2. Can my website be automatically translated in another language?

No. Even there are services that perform automatic translation the result is 99% unacceptable. If you want to make your site available in another language you should translate your content using a professional translation service.

3. Do I need technical knowledge in order to update my website?

No. Our friendly CMS makes easy even for people without technical knowledge to update the website. Of course a basic computer knowledge is necessary (what is a browser, how to send an email, how to copy and paste text).


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