An award-winning digital agency with focus on design and usability.

Our identity

Noetik is an award-winning digital agency in Athens, Greece. We combine engineering and programming with impecable design and digital marketing to craft websites, e-shops, mobile applications and software solutions that look beautiful and meet their purpose



Why choose Noetik?

  • You will be sure for the final result
  • We provide professional support
  • All projects are implemented by in-house designers and developers. We can maintain and extend them whenever there is a need
  • We create beautiful websites and software
  • You will have direct access to designers and developers
  • We deliver superb quality within schedule and budget
  • We are not an impersonal company - we value our customers, we count on their success and we help them move forward


We've been in the game long enough to proudly produce more than 150 custom-made websites and software solutions. 

Our portfolio includes:

  • Presentation websites
  • E-commerce solutions (e-shops, e-tourism, events)
  • Database web applications (extranets, intranets)
  • Desktop software (medical devices, music industry, online delivery)
  • Automation utilities (e.g. sync data between distributed systems)
  • Logotype design, branding and corporate identity design
  • Packaging, illustration & graphics


Know-how and experience

Think Big!

We welcome startups or even abstract project ideas. Creating a startup is not easy. Even the best idea without the proper implementation and the right targeting will most likely fail. This is why it is of paramount importance to create an initial prototype and pitch your idea. This will help you receive valuable feedback and identify factors that you had not considered beforehand, like: 

  • Which features are required?
  • Do I need a help desk?
  • What costs are involved?
  • Are there any regulatory concerns (common in fintech, medical, cross-border e-commerce solutions)?
  • What do I need to make the next step? 

We will assist you in the preliminary stages in order to form and structure your abstract idea and we will help you create, launch and operate an initial prototype of your final product/service with a relatively lower initial investment. 

Working with startups during the last ten years, has provide us the experience and knowledge required, in order to understand what it takes to initiate and grow a startup. We are able to identify common pitfalls and we will help you avoid them. 


Design Matters

At Noetik we believe that the design of a website or an application is what matters most. It's not just the fact that everybody is attracted by beautiful things.

The design process itself is of invaluable importance. During the design process, we have the opportunity to consider all the parameters of a project.

  • We clarify which will be the intended use of the solution we are going to build
  • We examine the behavior of the intended audience
  • We study the competition 
  • We get informed on the latest design trends
  • We try new techniques 
  • We examine diverse ideas; we keep what works and discard what doesn't
  • We innovate



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Let's talk!

We are at your disposal to discuss any aspect of your project, clarify your goals and needs, and work together on the project's implementation and growth!

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