Hosting and monitoring

Our clients enjoy Noetik's premium hosting and monitoring services which ensure smooth operation, increased security, professional-level performance and availability. Depending on the current and the future needs of each application we deploy it in the most suitable environment and we undertake the ongoing monitoring and maintenance on a 24/7 basis.

The right environment

Each application, and sometimes each different application component or service, has special needs in order to function properly. Noetik's engineers make sure that each component is carefully deployed to the most suitable environment.


Our managed hosting means "Peace of mind". We take care of everything and we make sure that your website or application works.

With our managed website hosting you get:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 99.8%  - 99.99% uptime depending on environment 
  • daily off-site backups - 180+ days retention
  • 10' database backups for data intensive applications
  • DDoS mitigation service
  • dedicated firewall
  • SMTP service for website generated emails
  • direct telephone support
  • critical website security updates 
  • server security updates on regular basis
  • SSL certificate 
  • disaster recovery plans depending on environment 

Available environments

Below you can find an indicative list of environments that we use to host websites and applications that we develop for our clients. Taking into consideration the available budget and ROI, security concerns and regulatory restrictions we are able to choose the best option for each project.

  • Azure cloud
  • Umbraco cloud
  • AWS cloud
  • Cloudflare cloud
  • Managed dedicated servers
  • Managed virtual private servers (VPS)
  • Docker containers
  • Vimeo

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Let's talk!

We are at your disposal to discuss any aspect of your project, clarify your goals and needs, and work together on the project's implementation and growth!

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