Noetik supports the 8th HAEE Annual Symposium, as Technology Contributor

Software Development | Web Design & Development | E-mail Marketing

Software Development | Web Design & Development | E-mail Marketing

The Symposium

The Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (HAEE) welcomes the 8th Annual Energy Transition Symposium, titled "Rethinking Energy: A Safe and Sustainable Future," taking place from September 27 to 29, 2023, at the French Institute of Greece. This event is held in the context of the new geopolitical landscape and a historic shift towards cleaner and safer energy systems.

The distinguished event serves as a magnet for experts, forward-thinking scholars, and innovators in the field of Energy Economics. A significant contributor to this year's symposium was Noetik, a technology company specializing in software development and website construction.

An Event of Global Interest

The HAEE Annual Symposium is a shining hub in the field of energy economics. It is an event that gathers the brightest minds in the sector, providing a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and solutions shaping the future of the energy industry. With a variety of panels, discussions, and workshops, the symposium aims to address the most pressing issues facing the energy sector, not only in Greece but on a global scale.

Noetik's contribution to the 8th Annual Symposium of HAEE significantly enhanced the event and served as evidence of its commitment to promoting important events and initiatives through technology and innovation.

The key points of the contribution to the event were:

  1. Digital Presence of HAEE: Noetik actively supported the symposium by strengthening its digital presence. With an optimized design of the HAEE website and the mini-site for the symposium, it ensured that participants could easily access critical information, programs, and updates online. The user-friendly interface created by Noetik greatly facilitated the flow of the online experience.

  2. Event Management System: Evenstadmin.

  3. Promotion and Communication: Noetik also contributed to expanding the audience and accessibility of the symposium through custom newsletters, enhancing the digital experience and outreach of the event.

Noetik: An Award-Winning Technology Company in Athens

Noetik is known for its innovative approach to technology, specializing in software and application development, website design and construction, and IT consulting, aiming to leverage digital solutions for the digital transformation of businesses and organizations.

The company's contribution to the HAEE Annual Symposium serves as an inspiring example of how technology can enhance the effectiveness and influence of significant events...

Noetik's contribution

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