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Logo Design | UI Design | Custom Sofware Development

Logo Design | UI Design | Custom Sofware Development

About the project

Design and development of a hybrid application that allows the licensing and reproduction of music for public places like restaurants and cafes.

The application is consisted of a desktop application and a web back-end that allows remote licensing, playlist administration, scheduled music reproduction and delivery of music files.

The files are delivered in an encrypted format and all information is stored locally so that the application does not require a permanent internet connection.

The application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


Sounvibe is a digital music provider based in Athens Greece specializing in providing venues such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores with appropriate music advice and selections perfectly suited for the customer's specific needs and target audience.

The lease and distribution of music are fully licensed with the copyright collection organizations AEPI and GRAMMO, a license that is a prerequisite for the lawful operation of a music provider.

About the client

The main user screen of the SoundVibe application MUSIC SOFTWARE
The main user screen of the SoundVibe application

The application

SoundVibe Player is a specialized music player that can be installed on any Windows or Mac OS computer and is based on Adobe Air technology.

The player is installed on the client's computer and features a sophisticated music playback engine that is able to decrypt on the fly the music files that are produced by the SoundVibe exporter.

SoundVibe exporter is a special subsystem that integrates with iTunes installations, exports music playlists and encrypts music files.

The exported music files and related XML configuration files are then imported to the SoundVibe Player through cloud update or by manual import from a physical storage medium. 

Moreover, the SoundVibe player successfully manages the licensing of the service and the frequent update of music playlists.

Soundvibe is a hybrid application. It consists of a desktop application created using the Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, ActionScript, SQLite development stack and a web back-end created using the Asp.Net MVC, C#, SQL Server development stack.


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