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We design and develop custom software solutions using web, mobile and desktop technologies. Our clients include enterprises, SMEs and startups that want to turn a new idea into reality or that seek solutions for digital transformation, process automation, data consolidation, cleansing and reporting, dispersed systems integration.


We cover all fields of expertise required for in-depth conception of business needs and for the successful design, development and ongoing maintenance of business software that meets its purpose.

Custom Software Services

Noetik has a structured and quality-driven approach to the development of custom software. Over the past years, our team has delivered custom solution to clients varying from big manufacturing companies, to Non-governmental Organizations, Educational Institutions and startups. 



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Indicative projects

Below you may find a short list of indicative custom software that we designed and developed for our clients.


Web portals: 

  • Web portal and web-workers for the automated submission and clearance of orders to the Hellenic Energy Exchange. 
  • Web portal for the display of vessel specific reports. Reports are based on data aggregated from dispersed HTTP endpoints 
  • Platform for the electronic submission of applications for university programs.
  • University admissions platform. Secure document submissions.
  • File sharing portal for authenticated users 
  • NGO web portal for the management of donations and children sponsorships.
  • Web portal for the election of board members.


Desktop / Hybrid software: 

  • Medical device: A decision support and production automation software for parenteral nutrition.
  • Medical device: A decision support and production automation software for chemo therapy.
  • Cross-platform music player for a subscription based music provider. The software features personalized cloud music updates.
  • Food ordering system with a web front-end and a desktop application for order management, restaurant-internal task assignment and order tracking. Interface with Deliveroo. 

Software as a Service:

  • CRM and quotations management software for technical professions
  • Event management software 
  • Online booking software
  • CRM and e-mail marketing software 
  • Online 3D editor / product configurator (implementation of server-side logic)


Software aligned to your business needs.

Turn your idea into reality.

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